As a pioneer in the business, MK Relocation has gathered more experience in moving offices, archives, factories and warehouses within Poland than any other provider. MK Relocation completes one hundred or so full relocations every year. It accepts all orders from the simplest to the most challenging.

With its highly experienced staff, MK can excel in planning its work to reduce interference with your operations, keeping downtime to a minimum.

State-of-the-art technology is often essential to ensure that your move proceeds smoothly and efficiently. MK Relocation applies specially-designed packages to protect computer hardware and servers as well as other sensitive items. Its personnel are prepared to install and test computers, printers and other technical devices.

MK's fleet of container vehicles come fitted with pneumatic suspensions specially-designed to move fragile equipment.

MK Relocation is by far the most competent moving service on market today. Not only can you count on our consistent service quality and timeliness, you can also rest assured that MK Relocation will keep your items, including data, documents and information, safe throughout the move.

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